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Cooperative Day

10 December 2020

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The Cooperative Day is an event by and for members, partners and customers of our cooperative. Making the future together!

This year the event will take place on Thursday December 10th. Of course we are now going for a digital version with enough space for interaction between you and for example Steven van Schilfgaarde. Be inspired during the break-out sessions with strong speakers such as Guido Landheer, Romeo Sommers and Jarno Duursma. Connect to grow.

Jarno Duursma (Dutch)

Trendwatcher and futurist
Subsession De kracht van technologie in tijden van corona (Dutch)

TEDx speaker and author of four books on digital technology. Also creator of the podcast: "Listening to the future".

Jarno Duursma

Steven van Schilfgaarde (Dutch)

CEO Royal FloraHolland
Subsession In gesprek met de directie van Royal FloraHolland (Dutch)

Steven van Schilfgaarde has been CEO of Royal FloraHolland for three years now and is the face of our cooperative.

Steven van schilfgaarde

David van Mechelen (Dutch)

CFO Royal FloraHolland
Subsession In gesprek met de directie van Royal FloraHolland (Dutch)

The CFO experiences the corona crisis as a non-stop roller coaster.


Stefanie Miltenburg (Dutch)

Program manager Sustainability
Subsession Duurzaamheid (Dutch)

In order to be successful in the long term, we are committed to making the sector more sustainable.

Stefanie Miltenburg

Latest News

The theme of the day is Connect to grow

The market for floriculture is changing. Royal FloraHolland sees the changes as opportunities to create more value for our growers and buyers. That will only succeed if we do it together! Today it has to be faster, fresher, more sustainable. And above all... more digital. By engaging in discussions together, we are also building a future-proof sector. Making the future together. Join us and... Connect to grow.

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Member Council election
As of 1 January 2020, the Council of Members will consist of 42 members. Each year a number of members resign according to the Retirement Schedule and new members are appointed. In this way, the Council of Members is continuously refreshed. During the Day of the Cooperative we say goodbye to former members and introduce the new members under the leadership of Jack Goossens.

We make the future together

We are committed to long-term sustainable growth. Through our digital B2B platform we connect growers and buyers with all parties in the sector. In this way we not only become smarter, more sustainable and more efficient, but we also build a future-proof sector. Wondering how you can contribute to this? That's what you hear from CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde.

De toekomst maken we samen

Wij gaan voor duurzame groei op lange termijn. Via ons digitale B2B platform verbinden we kwekers en kopers met alle partijen in de sector. Zo worden we niet alleen steeds slimmer, duurzamer en efficiënter, maar bouwen we ook een toekomstbestendige sector. Benieuwd hoe u hier uw steentje aan kan bijdragen? Dat hoort u van CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde.

Royal Flora Holland shoot 1 2 1024 16

Plenty of opportunities to flourish
Our world is in transition. What will the Dutch floriculture sector look like in 2027? In this table discussion we look back briefly on the recent period of the emergency fund for floriculture. We also look ahead to the upcoming policy in 2021. What changes in the global market and developments in the chain do we see? In this way you recognize opportunities for a flourishing future for your company.

Table discussion led by Fien Vermeulen:

- Guido Landheer, Director European, International and Agro-economic Policy at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
- Michiel de Haan, Managing Director Royal Lemkes
- Bianca van Eijk, Co-owner Eyco
- Steven van Schilfgaarde, CEO Royal Flora Holland

The power of technology in times of corona (Dutch)
Jarno Duursma: ''We live in a very special time. A time in which the coronavirus spreads and has an impact on our society and the economy''. The impact of the coronavirus forces every company to think about a digital strategy and act accordingly. At lightning speed. It is no longer voluntary. Software is eating up the world. How do companies deal with it? How do they make the switch to online? Don't forget: in times of economic and social crises most innovations come about.

Sustainability (Dutch)
"A Green Future We Cultivate Together"
Sustainable production and products become the norm. In order to be successful as a sector in the long term, we are committed to sustainability. We cannot do this alone. We do it together with our growers, buyers and other partners. During this session Stefanie Miltenburg (RFH) will talk to Karolien Tesselaar (Tesselaar Alstroemeria), José van der Klauw (van Dijk Flora) and Jeroen Oudheusden (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative). They talk about their role in the chain in relation to sustainable production and products, what their motivation is, what the power of cooperation is and what they need to be successful together.

"We need to be transparent to the consumer and show where flowers and plants come from. And above all that they have been produced with respect for people and the environment. In this way we contribute positively to the reputation of the sector so that everyone can continue to enjoy beautiful flowers and plants"
. Stefanie Miltenburg, Sustainability Program Manager at Royal FloraHolland and one of the accelerators of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI).

Trends (Dutch)
Trendwatcher and green stylist Romeo Sommers likes to listen to consumers. According to him, that is the key to successful business. What are the trends and developments for the coming period? How do you respond to these consumer needs? Align your business strategy to these developments for future success.

Digital acting (Dutch)
Floriday is the digital platform where growers and buyers can handle their commercial and logistic processes. With Floriday we make the floriculture sector more accessible and simpler by offering one open platform to which growers, buyers, software suppliers and service providers (such as commercial agents and transporters) can connect. In this way, we create a new digital infrastructure for floriculture that is future-proof. In order to be able to build this, we are continually working with all players in the sector to ensure that this platform meets the wishes and needs of the market.

During this online session, Martin de Ruiter, program manager 100% digital, will take you on a journey through this digital infrastructure of the floriculture sector. After all, what does this mean for our sector and what possibilities does it offer? In addition, Floriday will give you a preview of developments that will be implemented in the platform. What opportunities and challenges lie ahead for you as a grower or buyer?

International strategy (English)
Trading internationally via Royal FloraHolland by our international growers and buyers is one of the three main ambitions in our strategy. Via our digital B2B platform Floriday, we make services available step by step to meet these needs. Services for international ordering, payment and delivery. One of these services is being able to order and pay in dollars, and we have now taken the first steps in this direction. Logistic services are also being developed, for example the consolidation of orders and shipment of African products to the Middle East or China. Curious about Royal FloraHolland's international ambitions and the opportunities this offers growers and buyers?

In conversation with the management of Royal FloraHolland (Dutch)
The future offers new opportunities that together we can turn into sustainable growth for all of us. We take you with us in our vision of the future and discuss the strength of the cooperative with you. Steven van Schilfgaarde (CEO) and David van Mechelen (CFO) of Royal FloraHolland.

Glass Tulip Award
The Glass Tulip Award ceremony is during the Day of the Cooperative. This Oscar-worthy award goes to the best market introduction in the category cut flowers, concepts, houseplants and garden plants. Novelties and innovation are important for our floriculture sector. It is an important means to achieve and maintain a distinctive position in the (international) market. Curious about the finalists?

Greenovation winnaars

Greenovation Award
Royal FloraHolland stimulates sustainability in the chain and has therefore been presenting the 'Greenovation Award' since 2017. This provides a great deal of exposure for the nominees. The professional jury has selected ten nominations from the applications. The final result is determined 50% by the professional jury and 50% by the public jury. The winner of the Greenovation Award 2020 will be announced in a special way during the Cooperative Day.