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​Kwekerij Barendse Freesia winnaar Greenovation Award 2020

Op donderdag 10 december 2020 heeft Steven van Schilfgaarde de Greenovation Award uitgereikt tijdens de Dag van de Coöperatie. De vakjury én het publiek hadden beiden een aandeel van 50% in de eindbeoordeling en kozen voor Barendse Freesia met het concept FreGanzia; een innovatief en vrijwel emmissieloos teeltsysteem.

​De Greenovation Award was ook dit jaar weer een veelbesproken onderwerp. Dit was te merken aan het aantal stemmen, er is meer dan 1100 keer gestemd! De nominaties hebben vanaf de bekendmaking veel aandacht getrokken op de social media kanalen. Uiteindelijk heeft het publiek in totaal 1114 keer gestemd en samen met de vakjury de winnaar van 2020 gekozen.

De winnaar Barendse Freesia heeft gewonnen met het concept Freganzia. Barendse Freesia teelt op revolutionaire wijze de dubbelwitte Freganzia. Het bedrijf maakt optimaal gebruik van het aantal vierkante meters met een drielaags teeltsysteem in een volledig geconditioneerde klimaatcel. De 850 zonnepanelen voorzien de ledverlichting van stroom en dankzij het gesloten teeltsysteem zijn bestrijdingsmiddelen overbodig. Ook hergebruikt Barendse het drainwater en is de klimaatcel vrijwel emissieloos.

De jury over Freganzia van Barendse Freesia's: "Freganzia is een innovatief en vrijwel emissieloos teeltsysteem. Het is een veelbelovend totaalconcept, waarin rekening wordt gehouden met bijna alle onderdelen van footprint (energie, water, gewasbeschermingsmiddelen, ruimtegebruik). Dit soort innovaties zal toekomstbepalend zijn voor de sector en dit totaalconcept kan dienen als voorbeeld en inspiratiebron voor de sector, collega-kwekers maar ook voor bijvoorbeeld veredelaars."

The nominations for the Greenovation Award 2020 are known! Also this year we have many different nominations. Sustainability is an important subject in our sector, it offers growers and buyers opportunities. As of today, the sector can vote for its favourite sustainable concept. In this news item we introduce the nominees to you!

Company: Hofland Flowers Plants
Concept: Dianthus FEEL GREEN

Dianthus in fully biodegradable jar with biodegradable label

Hofland cultivates the Dianthus from the start in a fully biodegradable pot with biodegradable label. The grower does not use any unnecessary material. The tray is also biodegradable. Consumers can plant the Dianthus directly in the ground, with pot and label.

Company: IJzelenberg Plants
Concept: Helleborus label

100% sustainable labels with a natural look and FSC label

IJzelenberg Plants has been nominated for the Greenovation award 2020 with its sustainable label. In cooperation with supplier and exporter, they have provided the Winter Princess Helleborus Line with new, 100% sustainable labels with an attractive layout. These labels are not bleached or coated and have the FSC quality mark. It is also clearly visible that it is not plastic, which gives the labels a natural look.

Company: Koen Pack BV
Concept: Bouquet holder 'Paperweb

Creative and recyclable web for bouquets

Paperweb' is a creative web for bouquets made entirely of paper. They are recyclable and can be disposed of after use. The bouquet holder comes in seven colours and two sizes (20 and 25 centimetres) in the Koen Pack collection. In addition to the sustainable advantages, the holder gives bouquets a creative look.

Company: Vaselife International BV
Concept: Recyclable paper bag for cut flower food

Recyclable bag for cut flower food with FSC quality mark

To reduce the use of plastic, Vaselife International BV developed a recyclable paper bag for cut flower food. The Papiertechnische Stiftung tested the bag and officially classified it as a recyclable paper product. Empty packaging is therefore allowed in the paper bin.

Company: Barendse Freesia
Concept: Freganzia

Freganzia: innovative and virtually emission-free cultivation system

Barendse Freesia grows the double-white Freganzia in a revolutionary way. The company makes optimum use of the number of square metres with a three-layer cultivation system in a fully air-conditioned climate cell. The 850 solar panels power the LED lighting and thanks to the closed cultivation system, pesticides are unnecessary. Barendse also reuses the drain water and the climate cell is virtually emission-free.

Company: Hans Reijnen Cutting shrubs
Concept: Agriper sustainable irrigation

Sustainable irrigation with solar energy

Irrigation requires a lot of energy. Hans Reijnen Cutting shrubs came up with an innovative way to irrigate nurseries using solar energy. A mobile solar station supplies energy for an electric irrigation pump, even when the sun disappears behind the clouds. By replacing fossil fuel with solar energy, a grower saves fuel costs. The concept contributes to sustainable business operations.

Check the website for more information: www.agriper.nl

Company: Chrysal International B.V.
Concept: Chrysal Recyclable Plastic sachet & Chrysal Paper sachet for flower food

Sustainable packaging for flower food

Chrysal International developed two new, sustainable packaging for flower food. The new recyclable plastic sachet is made entirely of recyclable plastic and contributes to a circular economy. The paper sachet is made from ECF pulp and has a bio-based coating. This means that the sachet can be placed in the paper bin.

Company: Visser Horti Systems
Concept: Grown with WaterWick

Revolutionary method of watering plants

Grown with WaterWick by Visser Horti Systems is a revolutionary method of watering plants during cultivation, transport, in the shop and at home. Retailers throw away 20 to 30% of their plants. Consumers often have problems with watering at the right time. Grown with WaterWick has three proven advantages: plant uniformity, product durability and efficient water absorption.

Plants grown using the Grown with WaterWick method each have their own WaterWick and water reservoir so that water and nutrients can be absorbed as required. The result: plants that have grown optimally, without stress and with strong roots. Plants that stay fresh for longer give both retailer and consumer more value and less waste!

Company: Modiform
Concept: EcoExpert carrier & PET carrier tray

New packaging concept made from recycled material

Modiform responds to the need to recycle in the UK by replacing a PS plastic packaging for bedding plants with a recycled EcoExpert/ PET combination. Due to a clever design the EcoExpert carrier is smaller than the PET carrier tray. This saves 40% material and maximises the load on the Danish trolley. In this way, less transport and material is needed and the CO² emission is lower. In addition, loading and unloading is much faster because three carrier trays can be loaded at the same time. The carriers are recycled by the garden centre and the carrier tray can be disposed of by the consumer in the household waste. The green carrier tray is made of recycled PET bottles, the carrier is made of recycled cardboard and bears the FSC quality mark. So the combination is good for the environment and very efficient in handling!

Company: Broekhof
Concept: CircularBag® (and Recy® flower sleeve)

Efficient collection and recycling of plastic waste

The CircularBag system is the solution for every company in the floriculture industry that unpacks, repacks or processes flowers into bouquets. The CircularBag offers flower or plant processors an efficient and affordable total solution to collect their plastic waste (flower and plant film and shrink film) in a sustainable way. With the CircularBag - itself also made of 90% recycled plastic - it is easy to collect plastic waste at any workplace. The supplier, wholesaler or exporter takes the full bags back to the Dutch flower auctions. There, Kras Recycling takes care of recycling and Broekhof turns waste plastic into new innovative circular packaging, such as the Recy® flower sleeve; from flower sleeve to flower sleeve! The advantages of the CircularBag are that the plastic waste remains in a closed circle, is reused and thus makes a visible, positive contribution to a better climate. The Recy flower sleeve is a perfect example of circular packaging that was created from the vision for a circular economy.

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You can vote for your favourite until 30 November 2020. Who do you think deserves to be in the spotlight this year? The winners will be announced during Cooperative Day.

Make your choice and cast your vote.