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Speakers overview

Be inspired during the sessions with strong speakers such as Guido Landheer, Romeo Sommers and Jarno Duursma. All this under the guidance of our moderator of today Fien Vermeulen.

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Jarno Duursma (Dutch)

Trendwatcher and futurist
Subsession De kracht van technologie in tijden van corona (Dutch)

TEDx speaker and author of four books on digital technology. Also creator of the podcast: "Listening to the future".

Jarno Duursma

Steven van Schilfgaarde (Dutch)

CEO Royal FloraHolland
Subsession In gesprek met de directie van Royal FloraHolland (Dutch)

Steven van Schilfgaarde has been CEO of Royal FloraHolland for three years now and is the face of our cooperative.

Steven van schilfgaarde

David van Mechelen (Dutch)

CFO Royal FloraHolland
Subsession In gesprek met de directie van Royal FloraHolland (Dutch)

The CFO experiences the corona crisis as a non-stop roller coaster.


Stefanie Miltenburg (Dutch)

Program manager Sustainability
Subsession Duurzaamheid (Dutch)

In order to be successful in the long term, we are committed to making the sector more sustainable.

Stefanie Miltenburg

Romeo Sommers (Dutch)

Subsession Trends (Dutch)

With a background in horticulture, floristry, marketing and business administration, Romeo has a refreshing view on (green) trends.


Guido Landheer (Dutch)

Director of Agro-economic policy
Volop kansen tot bloei (Dutch)

In a table discussion we look ahead to the upcoming policy for the floriculture sector in 2021, among other things.

Guido Landheer

Jeroen Oudheusden (Dutch)

Executive Officer at FSI
Subsession Duurzaamheid

What does FSI stand for and what is the vision for making the sector more sustainable towards 2025?

Jeroen Oudheusden

Fred van Tol

Manager International Sales & Account management
Subsession 6: International Strategy

International payment solutions is one of the three strategic goals of Royal FloraHolland.

Fredvan Tol

Ruud Knorr

Chief Commercial Officer
Sussession International Strategy

"The beautiful thing about horticulture is that there is pride and entrepreneurship."

Ruud Knorr1

Martin de Ruiter (Dutch)

Programme manager 100% Digital
Subsession Digitaal handelen | Floriday

Martin de Ruiter is programme manager 100% Digital and knows better than anyone what 100% Digital means for growers and buyers.

Martin de Ruiter1

Michiel de Haan (Dutch)

CEO Royal Lemkes
Volop kansen tot bloei

As CEO of Royal Lemkes, he wants to help make the beautiful plant industry more sustainable.

Michiel De Haan

Bianca van Eijk (Dutch)

Co-Owner Eyco
Opportunity to Bloom

As a member of the youth council, she looks at the future of the cooperative through the eyes of young enterprising growers.

Bianca eyco

Karolien Tesselaar (Dutch)

Marketing and sustainability manager
Subsessie Duurzaamheid | Samenwerken aan duurzaamheid

"Improvement means saving, and saving means sustainability."

Karolien Tesselaar

José van der Klauw (Dutch)

Sustainability Manager Van Dijk Flora
Subsessie Duurzaamheid | Samenwerken aan duurzaamheid

"How wonderful it is to be able to work on the sustainability of our sector every day.

Jose vd Klauw