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Michiel de Haan (Dutch)

CEO Royal Lemkes

Michiel De Haan

Michiel de Haan has been CEO of Royal Lemkes since 2015. "Let's Plantify the Future. Together" is their slogan, in which the meaning of the word Plantify is hidden: using plants to make people's lives, their partners' business and the world in which we work and live a little more beautiful. The mission of Royal Lemkes is Sustainable Growth. Of the employees, the relations and the sector. As a company, Lemkes wants to be a "Force for Good", and is keen to help make the beautiful plant sector even more sustainable.

Before Michiel de Haan started at Lemkes, he was Managing Director of Praxis and Dirk, among others. "Since 2006, when I saw the climate film "An inconvenient Truth" as director of BCC, I have been a self-proclaimed sustainability freak. For my children and grandchildren, I am incredibly worried about the climate issue and biodiversity. We sell the most beautiful products out there, and we can be very proud of our sector, but unfortunately our sector (like any other) also has its Inconvenient Truth, i.e. we have big steps to take together to reduce our CO2 emissions, our resource use and plastic. A lot of great things are already happening, but we need to speed things up so that our grandchildren will soon be very proud of the Dutch floriculture sector as well. Royal Lemkes is happy to lend a hand in this, and works with Royal FloraHolland and various colleagues. Together with various growers, we are active on the themes of footprint and packaging."